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February 08, 2010



PB, I don't even like or watch football but found myself glued to the TV, so excited, jumping up and down, drawn in by the intensity and excitement and the determination so eloquently displayed by the Saints. I was touched by the team spirit. It's so amazing to me how a game can bring so many people together in one accord, amazing! It is the shot in the arm that NOLA needed, they deserved this good news after all they've been through. I'm hooked...can't wait for next season.

Jim Mather

So happy for New Orleans and pray that a new day is dawning in every dimension for the people there...

Bob Holmes

Beautifully Said.


The Win brought me back to my mom also PB. My mom went to many a game taking bus rides to Atlanta for dreaded Falcon games. How she would have had tears of joy seeing them win like that... Also it brought me back to our Nasya Faith. I Held her while we watched the Saints game during the 12 hour Miracle we experienced...My heart and Prayers are with you dear brother.

John Loftis

This should teach people that what are perceived as curses could actually be God ultimately strategizing his bigger picture and plan. If the Saints hadn't lost all of those years then this win wouldn't be as appreciated. There is no doubt that this was timed out perfectly (after Katrina) and that a christian quarterback with a glow was positioned for people to see that goodness does prevail. I don't think that there ever was a curse and if there was, then it has been lifted and more of that will hapen I'm sure...

Chris Dufrene



Wow, I cried just reading this and thinking about your Dad, and also the loss of my Dad. At our age you truly treasure relationships...I don't know wins and victories are just a little sweeter, probably becuase we have also tasted suffering and loss. Filter things through Jesus and eternal perspective. Bottom line God is good to his Saints, the ones that wear black and gold, and the ones robed in righteousness!


Wow, kudos to that writer. That's a career piece. I love the emphasis that La. places on culture--I think it's something I miss other places I visit (if the emphasis is not there). It's also a reason La. can be seen as backwards, b/c we cherish and value our traditions so highly. Enough of that--thanks for your encouraging post about the changing times!

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