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February 17, 2010



We love your fearless obedience and your fierce dedication to Christ and His calling. We are in a war and things get ugly sometimes when you are desperately trying to save people who are in the line of fire about to get wounded. There is no time to be nice and explain and rationalize with them. Deception is nothing to play around with, it is what all sin originated with and the deeper we are played into the lies to the point where we think we are ok with God and we enjoy our sin is very frightening. Thank you for being bold and speaking the truth so as to protect and save Gods people it is a timely word and for me it is on my top 10 favorites of Pastor Bobby!


Oh ya, and thank you for steping out against the firey darts of the evil one on our behalf. I know that you knew they would fly, yet you put yourself out there anyway.


Obviously you did what was right and I admire your obedience your willingness to speak the truth no matter how unpopular or uncomfortable it might be and your courage. Sometimes, often times, the truth does hurt not only the person on the receiving end but the deliverer of the message. Never the less, we NEED to hear the truth! If I still believed in the New Age thing I'd say that you were James in another life. (Love his directness) I want to be like you when I grow up. :-) Thank you for being such a great pastor.

Lonnie Ferguson

PTL PB you are in my prayers. I have been there also, our God is grascious and merciful. He has done some great things in my life over these 40 days, and I believe is preparing me to step out again as I once did, before the fall.I have recently seen miracles among "my flock" and there have been battles because of that. God is Faithful. btw. my wife and I need a place to live, if you know of an affordable place.

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