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January 25, 2010



This week really touched Anita and I as far as Knowing before Going through. Rich really did an excellent job.

On a lighter note about OUR SAINTS. They started 3 years before I came to be BORN. Watched them all my life from various seats in the Superdome, watched people kick scream and cuss and wear paper bags on their heads, watched the then LA Rams stand in our way, and now I can say in my lifetime that the Saints are IN THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!...... do I sound excited? lol

When I woke up on Monday I ran to the computer to make sure I did not dream it all.

Jim Mather

I have a lot of respect for faithful Saints fans who have had a painful history. Congratulations and as you say with the Saints in the Super Bowl truly ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Michelle Lewing

So in the last 19 seconds when it was 4th and inches to go, I said a prayer out loud for God to do something miraculous - "please Lord, just make some little thing happen to change the way this is going", and next...a 5 yard penalty against the Vikings, and then a toss away by Favre!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!! OT, sudden death, and plenty of room for the Saints to breathe a Big Easy sigh....

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