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January 04, 2010


Debbie Bixler

Our daughter, Bethany Joy, took us to see it when we visited her in GA in June--It was so great & in 3-D!!! Be sure to take tissues when you see it. Thanks for sharing. Avatar does not look appealing to me.


Haven't seen Up won't see Avatar or Invicitus.....interesting top 3.

Maleesa Redish

We saw bith Julie and Julia and Avatar this week and loved them both. I keep hearing we need to check Up out. I guess we'll have to put it on our cue.

Joshua Encinias

Here's my top 5:

5. Up in the Air
4. District 9
3. The Fantastic Mr. Fox
2. Star Trek
1. Invictus

Each of these films are about family, politics or statesmanship. I highly recommend Invictus!


Just saw this movie for the first time a couple of weeks ago. That little sequence had me sniffling off and on for the rest of the movie!! Was it ONLY five minutes long?? Yes, it was wonderfully done.

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