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January 06, 2010


bobby lepinay

Sorry to not clarify......I was rushing the post and did not intend to say it was my thoughts, just something I was passing along, as I often do. I usually state the source but failed to this time. Thanks for the constructive criticism MWS.....whoever you are!


Orginal thought? on the idols???? . . . or did Mark Batterson say the same thing.


....maybe those diet drinks, search to see how unhealthy they are ;)


Thanks Bobby for promoting "40 days". I love reading your blogs. They are always insightful. I love what John Piper says in "a Hunger for God" He explains fasting in an interesting way. He states that Holy Communion is done "in rememberance of me" In other words we eat bread and drink wine to remember Jesus' sacrifice. But fasting of food is done in expectation of His return. He states in Luke 5:35 "But the time will come when the bridegroom will be taken from them; in those days they will fast." In other words now that Jesus is gone we will fast in expectation of his return. We need him to return to our lives, our city, our churches, our families. I am excited for Harvest during these 40 days. JM

Lonnie Ferguson

Thats good PB. I had some personal victories last year after the 40 Days, and am looking forward to new ones this year.

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