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January 14, 2010



Hey, thanks for sharing my thoughts to your readers, bro ... look forward to some great time of prayer, worship, and fasting next week!


When I heard Pat Robertsons remark, I have to admit I was stunned. I remembered his past statements that got him into trouble. I think he was just talking and didn't think about the repurcussions of what he was saying. It was a mistake to say those things under the terrible circumstances going on in Haiti. I still love and respect Pat Robertson, he has done amazing things for God. Its a lesson for all of us to be careful what we say. Scott

Jim Mather

Wisdom knows when to speak, when to remain silent and when to know the difference.


James and I were discussing the comment and our thought was the same as Fred's: DISCRETION. Could be a lost art, but there is so much need for it in ALL that we do! Thanks for sharing the post.

christian stone

If we were to ask God about Haiti, he would say that they are His people, they are His children, wouldn't it make sense that these children of God have an enemy also? Wouldn't it make sense that this enemy would try everything in his power to put a dark cloud over said people? That he would have others question their sovereignty,their righteousness? Wouldn't it make more sense for us to ignore all of this discredit to God's people, to not play into becoming a puppet to said enemy? Wouldn't it make more sense for us to show up at their side and help them fight this treturous battle? With them, for them, on their behalf if need be, not against them.

Ron Villagran

Bobby, I appreciate the wisdom you share with regards to "blowing early and losing late: but at the end of the day any witness for Christ and the Gospel will come under persecution. And as one person stated; We should be surprised when thier is NO reaction. I saw the clip you posted from beginning to end and liked it. Often times and unfortunately, people will not consider thier dilema until a castrophic event happens in thier lives... it is at this point that God's people need share thier faith. I like the fact that Pat gets ahead of this by indirectly reminding folks that God did not do this, as so often is the case. Whether the comment of a pact with the devil was made between the Haiti and the devil by Pat on the clip were true... well I hope thier is evidence.

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