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December 15, 2009



What a timely, valid, and intelligent article Brother Lepinay! Depression is physiological, and the symptoms can be definitely amplified spiritually. Mom has spent the majority of her life in a SEVERE depression fog. She is also beginning to deteriorate physically too, and it's probably due to the effects of the massive amount of anti-depressants she is on. My resources aren't up to par enough to take care of her physical well being; therefore, she is at the mercy and under the care of government paid doctors. It's better than nothing at all, I guess. My attempts to try and get her to connect to God spiritually have only been successful superficially...she is "seemingly" numb to it, but she doesn't deny the deity of Christ and somewhat knows the story. I'm hoping that she is reaching out to God.

It's obvious that I need to just need to press into prayer more. Recently, mom stayed a weekend with me. During the visit, she had an accident to where she needed help to clean herself. Since she can't pick her feet up more than 12 inches, I had no choice but to help her into the tub as her balance is dangerously limited. It had to be humiliating for her to have me help her with this, but there was no alternative. I provided her with as much privacy as I could. My heart ached for her because I could just imagine how bad she felt. As I helped her, I remembered how Christ helped humanity to clean up. Our emulation of Christ is important in matters like these. Instead of being freaked out, I remembered the history and deeds of our savior. Thank you Jesus for showing us the way!


Good input Tony.......I think of you guys often with great fondness and love. We have to remember that we are 3 part beings, body, soul, spirit. As Christians, we usually just deal with one of the 3, depending on our 'theology'. All 3 must be addressed to have real victory.

Grace my friend..

Tony Roland

Brother B., I appreciate your wise and compassionate statement. For my wife and I we have both know this struggle. I can confidently say that as long as we are living there is hope and help from the Lord. After several years of varying degrees of depression my wife has been completely healed.
Since being healed, the Lord has given she and I both divine understanding of the warefare involved, and ways to stay free. For me getting free was a totally different route, involving a more loving and obedient walk with the Lord, and two pink pills each morning. Said all of that to say anyone struggling with depression, keep fighting and do not give up hope, Jesus has a way for you./

Bob Holmes

Thanks Bob for taking the time to post this. As someone who has come out of clinical depression, I for one appreciate it.

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