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December 23, 2009


Jim Mather

Great suffering for Christ produces great depth of character. Western Christianity over the last generation has produced shallow Christians because we have by and large taught a false gospel of comfort and wealth. Thanks for sharing this;


Her book, the Hiding Place opened my eyes to what the holocaust was really all about. Our generation here in America have not know persecution or tribulation like others have known it. Corrie actually lived to be 91, she died in 1983 on her birthday April 15th. Let us seek Him in such a way that we will all have such influence on this side!

David Bixler

This is great words from a "Great Lady." Her words were written over 35 years ago and will be read over & over until Jesus tarries. Just from reading that letter she was filled with "The Holy Spirit" & her works of the Lord is still ministrying today. Thanks for sharing PB.


OMG....Kleenex please! I love Corrie. I woke up in the 80's every morning to her radio program and would lay in bed and listen to this amazing women of God. I still marvel at the power of her heart felt words. I watch the "Hiding Place" once a year with a box of Kleenex. The hour is even later...now at the end of 2009. We better KNOW whom we have believed in! Help us Jesus to love you more and really know you deeper! Thx PB for this post!


Thanks for posting this, PB. Her words and ministry are always strengthening to me...and I hope to many others as well.

Merry Christmas to all.

The Lee's

Hey all. The scripture reference is one chapter off. It is 1 peter 4:14.

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