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November 25, 2009


Tony Roland

Brother B.,
Involved is where it's at! The Holy spirit is active, so are we!
Tony Roland


Thank you for taking a stand for righteousness! Thank you for getting out there and being involved! Thank you for showing what we too need to be doing. Yes & Amen!

Bob Holmes

This is the most important piece of legislature that has happened in Pensacola since I moved here in 1986. We've all got stories to tell of the culture of corruption that has quagmired the positive growth of Pensacola. This could, and now can, move Pensacola to becoming a world class city. All the elements are here. They've been blocked by a few small minded good ole boys who like being 'big fish' in a small pond. Downtown, instead of being locked down as 'a sewer hole,' can now grow into one of the most splendid beautiful waterfronts in the world. A place we can all enjoy.

Josh Encinias

Can't wait to be back as a part of that change...

...studying what makes a city in the best city to learn it...


Josh Encinias

Jim Mather

God bless your leadership in Pensacola. Salt and light for the King!

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