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November 16, 2009



WOW!! Awesome news. It always amazes me when people say "well all we can do is pray" all we can do? That's the most powerful and important thing we can do.Thank you Jesus for this victory and that you partner with frail humanity.

Bill R.

I agree wholeheartedly with you PB. In Okinawa we saw an entire 6 square block bar district close down because of prayer, not protsting. However I shutter to think that we may not have become the USA without the protesting and Tea Party efforts of our forefathers. Or would civl rights come as far without the peaceful protests of those involved. I'm sure lots of prayer was also involved in those instances as well.

Jim Mather

what a blessing that these wonderful people chose to trust God... prayed and the miracles happened. God's work... done God's way... brings God kind of results.

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