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November 24, 2009



Like your thinking, Trevor. It gives me great encouragement to see you guys that are younger believing in a better America. The bottom line is that we have to have something to give the world, something the world needs. If we can amp up our educational system I believe we can continue leading in innovation and new breed technology.

Trevor Gehman

Real growth will have to come with new innovations in technology/engineering/energy. If we innovate enough in these areas, we can create new jobs.

I don't believe the US will ever return to manufacturing physical products on a large scale again, and I don't believe this is a bad thing.

If you think about it, our main export to the world is in the form of intellectual property. Patents, blueprints, schematics, new technology, designs, systems, medical instruments, surgical techniques.

A perfect example of this is the development of the Internet, one of the most important inventions of the last few decades. After it was created, a whole new economy came with it.

I think the future of the US economy lies with the development of new technology, especially in the area of energy.

I am optimistic about the long term. Take this for example: The 2nd largest solar power plant in the world will be under construction soon in Florida (http://rashidfaridi.wordpress.com/2009/03/30/world%E2%80%99s-2nd-largest-solar-power-plant-in-florida/)


Excellent input, Kyle.......well thought out. On an ecomomic level, I am personally not seeing the impetus for true growth, ie, productivity, manufacturing, producing real products. For too long the consumer has been depended on to keep increasing spending. I dont think they can look for that anymore. Not sure where real growth will come from....your thoughts?


My humble opinion.... Recovery is happening. We are seemingly always quick as a public to say we are suffering. Truth is, everything in America follows a trickle down theory (whether that is good or not). Therefore, most of how we actually realized we were in a recession was once the Dow hit the floor. If what is happening on a micro scale was constantly matching the macro scale, we would have had these high unemployment rates six months ago. Simply, I am saying that as the Dow is now rising, it will take time for the effects to trickle down to the average American.

What I will say is that, as Christians, we constantly need to be mindful of how we save/spend/earn money. God calls us to do everything as if for Him. We somehow forget that this call applies to our money as well. If we make a great effort to bring our own lives to order, it only stands to reason that God will use us to change our world even more, even in the financial realm (no matter how weird that sounds).

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