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November 17, 2009



Missed this one for IHOP...sounds convicting...conviction is my friend...my mantra :)


PB, what a totally radical way to look at being offended! I'm sure I've heard you say this before but all of a sudden it just crystallized!

In all honesty, I would think what you're saying helps those of us who are really hard on ourselves as well. Sometimes we mess up.

Debbie Bixler

Thanks for sharing the whole message as Sunday at 8:30 I did not get the last fill ins for the note page. I wanted to stay and hear it again but had to go. This was so timely--thanks again. I would like to add that if you harbor bitterness or hatred, it only hurts you--not the other person so with God's help you CAN forgive & move on with your life!!

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