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November 18, 2009



I am actually kind of glad I didn't know that... I am sure there is more I dont know. Ignorance truly is bliss in some cases.


yea i heard about that. crazy....i think the reason the government doesn't tell the public about this stuff is because people would totally go insane. it would be madness everywhere! think about it, people freak out about little tropical storms and go out and buy a ton of gas and water and board up their windows....

Debbie Bixler

Do not like to think abut it but it could happen. Remember in the 60's when Russia said they would not have to drop a bomb on U.S.--that we would destroy ourselves?--somthing else internally we must be aware of!! Wonder exactly what they meant??? Glad I know the Lord Jesus Christ also!!!2012 movie Anthony wanted to see but I did not.Are you going to see it? Silver Screen has buy one get one on Tues.for $4.50 in case you did not know. I showed Anthony where we used to meet when he took me last Tues to the M.J. movie.


Wait! Is Bruce Willis still around?

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