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November 09, 2009



What do you get at Four Winds? Crackle & Coke :) or whatever that delicacy is. Never been there. Just curious...


Yeah, the guy at 4 Winds is the absolute best salesperson I have ever seen. He needs to do training.

And Adam......the REFS beat LSU...you know it!!!! :)

Debbie Bixler

Anthony, my son, and I tried Taste of India at the Ramada Inn near our home off Scenic Hwy. It was so delicious. We had the buffet and it was too spicy for me so the waiter had the cook make me a special chicken with curried coconut milk with rice dish on the side!! Cannot recall its name but it is listed on the menu in the phone book ad. (We had a buy one get one free coupon that day!) Had nan also.It was my first time to eat authentic Indian food-- Besides very sweet wedding treats Anthony brought back from an Indian wedding he attended in VA.

Russell Gross

Holy cow! The Four Winds Store...... I took my mother in there my second year with the Blues just to look around, and without even knowing it, we ended up at the cash register, dropping $70 on like 2 cakes and some other odds and ends.... Guy should sell used cars! GREAT food though! Kimmy and I will have to check out the Indian Rest. I have always wanted to try a place that was acutally "authentic", and with your recomendation, we are DEFINATLY going to have to try it out! Take care and be safe with the storm!


The guy at Four Winds is a trip! You can NEVER leave with just a small amount of anything!! lol

Adam Sexton

PS Bama beat LSU!!!!!

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