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October 20, 2009


Ian Skelley

It seems like a lot of "Christians" in America have forgotten who the real enemy is. Put those people in a communist country, and they will soon realize that the real enemy is not fellow believers.


They are up to 14 members and counting. I went to their website...Wow!

Don't see a lot of "grace" there.
I wonder what their views on debt are, considering they accept all major credit cards for donations.


I think they will be BBQing over the same fire. The book smoke gives the chicken a nice oaky flavor with a strong Pious finish to the bouquet.

I also wonder if any of the seven know that a lot of hymns were rewritten drinking songs.

Josh Encinias

Wow. The Pope AND Rob Bell burning together. Get 'em! ... all seven of ya.

Michael Caldwell

LOL! Wow, this is hilarious, PB! Well, I ONLY agree with them about burning the rap records! -JK I'd like to invite them to come hear our "God on the Billboards" series next year. And ask them if they're going to be barbecuing the chicken over the book/music burning fire!


The worst part of all this is that it may discourage some people from seeking Christ. Imagine someone thinking about going to church for the first time reading about this. Let's hope they don't start thinking that maybe most churches are like this and never try to go to any church.


I had seen this on youtube. Pretty crazy. The youtube video states that the church has 7 members and is growing.... ??

Wayne Johnson

As a fellow brother in Christ and North Carolinian do you even know about King James?not a man spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Do you even know about the Reformation and what took place? The BIBLE is the word of GOD! It did not begin with the 1611 King James. There have been many translations since the original writings and good luck showing your version over in Asia or Africa, they would prefer one in their own language so they can understand. Im sure if you have drum's or a guitar in your congregation it's also a sin, should have let David know before he played for King Saul.

Jim Mather

Well at least they still eat like the devil.


The epitome of control freak (don't like that word but can't think of another to use). I'm so sorry that there are still people like that in this world, unfortunately there probably always will be until we see Jesus again. I hope this guy comes to his senses...for the sake of his misguided flock.


That is wild. Put Canton on my list of places never to visit...

Mike Costlow

Self-righteous jerks. How is this supposed to fulfill the dictate of Jesus? Maybe we should clue them in on the fact that the Bible wasn't written in old English...or English at all for that matter. Wouldn't that mean that any preacher who didn't speak fluent Greek and Hebrew were actually heretics?

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