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September 08, 2009



It sounds like you need Ceasar Milan "Dog Whisperer" to visit your home and get Mia on the right track. Here's the link to his website PB. http://www.cesarmillaninc.com


You learn very quickly which dogs you can bike with and which you can't! :)

The Lee's

Have you considered the "gentle leader" leash? We picked one up for Zeke (the german boxer who is also called beast) & it works great! Stops the pulling behavior almost instantly


Doubling our salaries? Woo hoo! :)Haha It's always nice to have people in our stands, thanks for coming out to the games!


That is actually a scary thought, Becca...this dog is so strong and stops on a dime to smell the smells. I can see me flipping over handle bars way too easily..! :)PB


yep, those harnesses are a must for large (or small) energetic dogs. Ever thought of biking with her? Might work if she's not prone to changing directions quickly.

Love the "run goods" story!

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