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September 15, 2009



Hey Donna....Cheryl.....thanks for the recommendation. If you can email me those days and times, that would be great. I would like to feature it as a Community Group option every semester. PB

Donna Lombardi

I know the heartache you are feeling...and I will be praying for your friend. If he has a wife, feel free to give her my name, email address or phone number. I have the meeting times and locations for "Most Excellant Way" if anyone needs that information.


I'm Praying for your friend also... its tough I know PB. My brother is still drinking away and years ago he was told to stop because of his liver and possible water on the brain... difficult to know he cannot stop himself.. I still pray heavily for him....
Grace to you,
BIG h.

Cheryl Nelson

Yes, I will be praying for your friend..I know people who are part of the "More Excellent Way". They minister to people with drug and alcohol addictions.

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