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August 25, 2009


Debbie Bixler

Just received that same word from Hillsong Television Brian Houston's newsletter--Psalm 90:12!!!What a word for the hear & now that we must not ignore. Another comes to mind about "redeeming the time"!!! Thanks for sharing this--really makes one think to spend our time more wisely. This life is but a dot of eternity but it is preparation for the Eternal Life to come and Abundant Life begins the first moment we turn our lives over to the Lord Jesus and let Him have His divine will in our lives!

John L.

Sobering AND disturbing. It really makes you think about how much time is wasted with video games that don't really benefit anyone. I'm not saying VGs are bad, because they are fun, especially when enjoyed with others. But there is a balance that must be maintained or it will take over not only all your free time, but also time that needs to be spent on more important things. It is also scary how realistic and uncensored games have become, especially in the last 20 years. Thanks for sharing Bobby.


aw gee, that stirs up so many thoughts and emotions. I can't name any of them...


That's awesome.

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