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July 23, 2009



This is so true, help us to be bold Father. Thanks for sharing.

Becca Fritschle

awesome message and such powerful/vivid illustrations, e.g. strongest man in the world's kids, your own universe. Been thinking about it a lot since Sunday...

Debbie Bixler

When he was on that balance beam, it reminded me of what I once felt & shared with another Christian--that this Christian life/Walk is like a walking a tightrope--not looking to the left or right but keeping our eyes totally on Jesus our Hope of Glory and our reward of Heaven!


I agree. You need to read his book, "Crazy Love". He is the real deal.....


Carolyn, Nicole and I thought Francis was the best of the One Prayer speakers. He has an amazing ability to connect.


Awesome message on the sovereignty of God. Loved it.

Debbie Bixler

Can't wait until Sunday to see it and have invited several friends and family members to church!! Pray that they will come. My sister and her husband have just begun attending St Luke Methodist but I want them to experiene ours and this message for a change of pace. They live in Milton. They need to hear this message from what I have seen so far--it will be worth their while to come!. I viewed other segments Pastor Chan had on there and they were great also!


This is great!

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