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July 03, 2009


Lorena Mitchell

very nice. coming from a catholic background and going into a southern baptist revelation... this really hit the nail on the head.

i wish people would stop looking for the people in church for an example of how to be and realize that it's Christ in us that inspires us to change and be better, not the actions of others.

if we continue to measure ourselves up to each other instead of Christ Jesus... we are ALL gonna burn each other and our ourselves out.

love it.


Love it… especially the part where it says:
"But increasingly Christians are trying to get more spiritual by getting less church."
That is so true and it is from the mind set that “I can handle this.” We don’t need any one else to help I just need ME and God and a little bit more ME and then I can have a perfect church. This is truly a pride issue and ultimately a problem with authority. I deal with this plenty. : )
It is legalism with a twist. Not a strict adherence to rules... Legalism is when your theology becomes subjective with the main question highlighted, "what can I get from my conviction?" It is lopsided table made by pride-- it will never serve its purpose correctly...

Just a thought.

Someone told me once that it is alot easier to sell someone on Jesus, the perfect Son of God rather than trying to sell someone on church, a place filled with imperfect people.

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