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June 23, 2009


Becca Fritschle

I've always said I would like my body to be laid out until absolutely sure I'm not coming back to life (we're talking bad smell, here). That goes for cremation as well. I don't mind being cremated IF I'm really, really dead. I might have a problem with this, you think?


Great response, Scott....I am with you all the way, including the ridiculous assertion about not being able to be resurrected if cremated. I have seen both amongst those who love Christ and I dont believe it has anything to do with God, as far as sin or displeasing Him. Again, it is more a matter of the heart, of honor for the physical body that God created. Thanks for your response again.....b


that's fair and i agree that the sarcasm was unnecessary. i apologize for my harsh tone.

you are speaking as one of the lead teaching pastors at your church. as such, folks will necessarily put a lot of stock into what you say and how you say it. I felt that you were expressing some kind of moral high road with the burial part.

i didn't think you made it clear that it wasn't a sin issue. the use of "per se" usually invites a "but" after it.

further, you seemed to equate honor and dignity with burial, but cleared up my misunderstanding with your reply.

two family members have died and been cremated recently (with money nowhere near being the main reason). i, my wife, and my mom (as well as my dad, i believe) are all desiring cremation with the personal feeling that burying a lifeless vessel in a permanent place in a fancy box is unnecessary.

i apologize again. i was insulted by what i felt you were saying. over the years i have had some Christians argue vehemently against cremation, calling it sinful, disrespectful, unfaithful, and that those cremated will not have the opportunity to rise again at the second coming because there "won't be anything left."

besides the fact that this can't be supported scripturally, it's just obnoxious. being respectful of choices for final preparations at death is important. agonizing after the death and cremation of a loved one because someone says it's sinful or wrong shouldn't happen.


Wow, Scott......sorry to have aroused your sarcastic nature so easily. I was merely giving my personal 'best shot' at the question. I think the tone of your response is entirely uncalled for.

The Bible does give examples of cremation, ie, people being burned rather than buried, and without question, there is honor given to the body once the spirit has departed, however that may be expressed.

As I said, in MY case, that was the way I felt final preparations needed to happen for my dad as well as Will, our Worship Pastor. God did indeed honor the faith for that, but I think I made clear that it is not a SIN issue, for whatever reason the person(s) have (money, save land, whatever).

Why so hostile in tone here?



so your conclusion is that:

1) the Bible does NOT talk about cremation
2) cremation is fine for pre-arranged funerals, pagan kings, and cheapskates
3) burial is honorable and dignified
4) if cheapskates had enough faith, they would bury their dead, too

when you use the Latin phrase "per se" (meaning "in itself" or "intrinsically"), what added condition would make it a sin? having someone cremated to save money? to save land space?

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