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June 15, 2009



If my memory serves me right Jim, he stated that his grandmother/mother were orthodox but that (I believe) from his father's side, muslim. We spoke to him about full surrender to Christ and His Lordship, beyond mental belief and orthodoxy, ie, being born from above. He was a very, very humble man. Thanks for the input my friend.....to more fruit for our King!

Jim Mather

One correction to your story, Haile was not raised as a Muslim but as a Christian in the traditional church of Ethiopia

Jim Mather

Haile is the GREATEST long distance runner in history and God is using him to bless his people in a big way.


Wow! that is amazing PB. That really gives me hope, bc lately God has been sending people into my life, esp at work, that have asked me questions about why i "fasted" and why i believe the way i do. I tell them if they are really interested, but they never seem to want to take the next step, at least with me. but by reading your blog, it made me realize they may not be taking the "big step" with me, but with someone else down the line.


WOW, That is amazing! Awesome, inspiring. Fuel for the fire!


PB, that is an awesome story. Thanks for sharing it on your blog.

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