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June 29, 2009



thats really good sir. I was actually thinking about that when it finally settled in about his death, "Man, did he ever get saved?" and until recently that normally wasnt a response I would have but by listening to your sermons and reading my Bible more, that is the first thing that hits me now, esp with Farah, bc at the end she was praying to God to help her, so I wonder if she found God to?

Debbie Bixler

You are so right--thanks for sharing. I too pray that he was saved before it was too late--at least he was seeking!!!"Ben" was a very sweet song and it was a long time before I realized it was about a mouse!I was watching a movie about an orca whale entitled Free Willy with my nephew,Jacob, and there was a video with MJ singing his hit single"Will You Be There?"& the theme of "Free Willy 2 The Adventure Home" included "Childhood" written and performed by King of Pop Michael Jackson.(as credited on the cover) I cried when I heard them both as he had just died and I wondered if he was even ready to meet his Maker(as the saying goes or even if he had made peace with His Savior or if He knew the Lord Jesus!)Perhaps in his tragic childhood when he was being pushed to perform, he asked Jesus into his young heart!

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