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June 10, 2009



Miss you Cory......yeah....the waitress told me about those oysters AFTER I was stuffed...! Next time....

Cory Doerksen

The smoked oysters at Acme Oyster House are the best.


Mia was just over joyed to have you home.


I love the food in N.O.mmmmmmm Cafe du Monde my favorite. I feel your pain we got another dog that is still very much a puppy and he has eaten a few things and still continues to lick the heck out of our couch. I heard that if you put pennies in a coke can and shake it when they do something wrong they associate the hearing displeasure with what they are doing. I have a coke can and it gets him to stop; although it also scares my other dog who is behaving in a lovely way.

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