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April 27, 2009


Mary Beth Jones

I have loved this song ever since I first heard it! The youth group that I went to as a young single and was apart of in a prayer support function for many years used a lot of Planet Shaker, Hillsongs United, IHOP, and Jesus Culture worship songs. Great, deep worship took place with this song. We often found ourselves singing it for a full 15 minutes over and over. Dancing at the alter. Crying out in tears and longing for God. Spontaneous prayers between verses.

I humbly disagree with Bob; I have experienced this song used as a vertical worship song in a very powerful way!


Karen does a great job on a song which seems to be rather low for her beautiful soprano voice. It has powerful words and is great for an offertory or special song, but in my opinion is too low and contains too many words for a congregational worship song.

I also looked around during the two times I've heard it sung and saw very few people singing. Perhaps as others mentioned it has to grow on us.



This was my first time hearing the song and I was just soaking up the words. By the time Karen got to the chorus, I really liked it. It was refreshing and that's something we need. We are moving forward to reaching many and changing lives. I love it. Good job Harvest.


I missed last night's service, so I first heard the song online tonight. Even sitting at home in front of my computer, my hands lifted up, and the song is still in my head. That must mean the song resonated with me. I'm glad that Pastor Bobby posted it on his blog. In fact, I'm quite thankful for this blog; it keeps me connected to Harvest even when I can't be there on Sunday.

Bob Holmes

Great rock and roll song! Karen knocks it out of the park!
The song however stays in horizontal worship mode. Focus is on the singer and it doesn't transition into vertical worship.
It is a song statement or declaration of faith, a line in the sand; but it doesn't lift and draw us into God's presence in worship.
Definitely a keeper. Good offertory song.


When I first heard it done at church I loved it. I think it is such a powerfull song. But as far as I can tell from playing it Sunday night.... I dont like playing at all. I really dont like playing it...

just saying. : )


Good thinking guys! Jim, I agree....to some degree. Will wrote alot of songs that were borne out of the season our church was in at the time, BUT, the Psalms were Israel's songbook. We meditate on those Psalms now and often the very thing resonating in the Psalmist a couple thousand years ago, resonates within us today. I think songs written for the Body of Christ at large can be much the same way. Hope that makes sense.....


Probably because it was new there was not a connection for everyone. I am sad I was not there due to work but was glad that the song was a part of worship. Anita shared with me that Karen led it and I was like "yes." The song has been on my heart for quite some time and captures where I am in this season so to know that it has been shared with the rest of the family is good.

I am enjoying the territory we are going into. Blessings and my prayers cover the worship team and the directions the Lord is leading us all into. We go where the Lord leads.

BIG h.


Hi PB,
There are several difinitive declarations made in this song:
1) we will follow God where ever He leads - even through the difficult and uncomfortable circumstances of life - He is MY GOD & He is GOOD.
2) We can't do #1 without being fully reliant upon the empowering of the Holy Spirit.

By & large these declarations are becoming fact for even the newest of believers in our church too.

Pat Damcott

PB, I love to listen to worship music. Sometimes I get totally taken away by a song and other times the music plays in the background having no apparent outward effect on me; however, the music itself is speaking into the atmosphere and preparing it for the Lord's intended purposes. Trying to determine whether a song will be effective is like trying to determine next season's "hot styles in clothing"... If the song blessed you, that is great. Who is to say that the song did not pave the way for something greater to take place later in the service. Look at John the Baptist. He did have those who followed him and thought he was great but come on, who in their right mind is going to look at a guy in animal skins, dripping honey from his beard, and think he is great... but look at what he paved the way for! God is awesome and He doesn't make mistakes. You, our worship team, and others in the church hear from God and obey. If I was the guage of the effectiveness of worship last night, the barometer would have bottomed out at zero because I was in a lot of pain from a fractured foot and couldn't stand much for worship... How many others were dealing with stuff and couldn't immediately get "in to" worship. Who knows that song may have paved the way for them. That is why we look to God and not man. I say you are "right on" doing what you hear the Father say to do.

Jim Mather

I have some thoughts on your comments Bobby... I believe (very personal here) that the songs we sing should resonate with what God is saying to us... therefore if it doesn't tell our story it shouldn't be sung congregationally... therefore I am really encouraging our team to write original stuff or only use songs which resonate with what God is saying in our "family". It's all a part of the story that God is writing to us... a love song ... I don't want to copy someone else's love letters... it doesn't' impress the "bride".

Cheryl Nelson

I did not connect with the song at first either. But last night I felt a connection.
Maybe we need a little time to learn the words,the tempo and all is different. But I don't think we need to throw it out.


I personally don't connect with it (and maybe I should say "yet") but Karen did a great job on it.


Hey PB, Dave and I were actually talking about this one last night. It really is a powerful song, especially the "You are always good" part. I kind of looked around during the song, and it didn't seem to be getting much of a response. It could just be that it is still new to many of us. It's definitely a good song, I'm just not sure if it was connecting either. I do remember that "With Everything" had to really grow on me and now I LOVE it! : ) And that's my two cents...

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