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April 21, 2009


Mary Beth Jones

My own Dad passed away two months ago. He had cancer for a year, but his death was rather sudden. Since then, I picked up Randy Alcorn's book Heaven. WOW!!! What a God-send to me at a time when I am numb and completely not understanding the why's. The Scriptures say that our days are numbered, and that the memory of the righteous man is blessed. I would say that both these are very true! And having a better understanding of heaven makes me yearn for eternity even more.

Debbie Bixler

I has just sent him a Get Well card too--never expecting this. Romans 8:28 has to be claimed for this to make any sense at all. I still can hardly believe he is gone and having encouraged him to make another CD he promised he would and it will get done in memory of Will!!!Amen and Amen and we will praise the Lord anyhow!

Danielle Peebles

Pastor Bobby,

Thank you so much!!! I have been a little hard on myself for the fact that I am still having such a hard time with this loss. It is SOOOOO good to hear that others are still dealing with it.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate Harvest's approach to this. Thank you so much!

I have to agree with Brian... this whole thing royally SUCKS!!! (See, Will, I can use that word now!) :)


I didn't know him nearly as well as many of you, but I have felt the loss as well. I wanted to say, PB, how I appreciate the way you handled prayer for Will when he was in the hospital. Though we all wanted him to be completely restored, I saw how you were careful to state, several times, that we do our part to pray, but sometimes the outcome is not what we expected despite our prayers, our fasting, our hopes. I think if the staff had held to a "he will be healed because we declare it" position this loss would be that much more difficult to understand. I hope that makes sense, just wanted you to know that I appreciated the way that was handled.


Losing Will sucks... there is no easier way to put it. Losing any one sucks. SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. What really makes me mad is when someone tries to belittle your grieving with one of those statements... "He is in a better place and you shouldn't be sad." shut up please. just dont talk. Others say, "he wouldn't want you to grieve for him like this." Again, dont talk to me. I got up way early today before school and left way early and I just sat out in the front of his house and looked at it in disbelief... I hate this Pastor Bobby... I hate this for me not for him.

Rachel Thurmond

Losing someone is a strange feeling. You're right, it's suppose to feel foreign to us. I was making a card for Will from the worship team and had most of the signatures and get well messages from everyone except a few people which I was going to collect on the 29th of March, the day after he died. I was planning on giving him this gift on the Monday. I left the unfinished card on the side table near our front door for a week and a half after he died...untouched. I just didn't want to move it and I'm not sure why. I then moved it to a stack of papers near the computer and a few days ago looked at it and finally threw it away. It took 3 weeks and I'm not sure why but I just wasn't ready to part with it, and then one day I was. Grief is a strange thing and you're right it just takes TIME. Thanks Pastor Bobby for sharing what alot of us are feeling.


Love you Bobby. Praying for you.

Bob Holmes

I just checked out a new book by Larry Osborn Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe and he talks about some of that stuff. Keep venting, Keep releasing to God, Rest, Rest, Rest my friend. Thank You for allowing others to see what's really going on. Grief takes TIME and our instant society moves in total denial. Engage in others to help you bear the load. God's wings cover you, protect you and keep you safe.


thank you Bobby for sharing such a real thought. since the loss of others in my life recently i have refused to say some of the trite comments that most people say to comfort. it is NO comfort to lose a loved one, ever. and i thank you for reminding us that grieving deeply is OKAY.
much love & grace to you.

Jim Mather

Our Spirits are whole and covered by the blood of Christ in totality... our souls are being redeemed in a process .... part of the process is engaging in a real world of loss, suffering, sin, enemies, difficulties, tribulations.... a pilgrim's journey in which our soul life conforms to the image of a SAVIOR (Romans 8:28,29) No one gets a pass on the valley of the shadow of death... no one

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