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April 28, 2009


Bob Holmes

Bob that is Wonderful to hear, it's music to my ears. We are all in different places each day and how we move into worship is truly unique each and every time.

I personally worship with my music almost every day. That is standard for a musician. But how I'm feeling, what I'm going thru sets the mood as I turn my eyes off myself and my environment onto Jesus.

Worship is a matter of focus. Not on the music, not on the performance, not on the people, but on Jesus. When we worship, I hear the winds and the distant worship as we move heavenward.

Jesus said that those who would worship the Father, must worship in spirit and in truth. It's a double-edged sword of the present and the eternal. We worship with our whole Being and our whole Life. Total Authentic Engagement! I love it.

Fred McKinnon

Good stuff, Bobby - can I re-publish that on TheWorshipCommunity.Com?


That is the most clear, succinct definition of why we need to worship I've heard! I used to tell the teens in youth ministry years ago, "we aren't coming to a receive service we are coming to a worship service", This isn't about what you can get from God, its about what He's worthy to receive.


That answers some of my questions...

Jim Mather


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