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April 06, 2009


Orval Pufall

I set on the edge of my bed, my thoughts in a turmoil as I listened to the rain falling and the loud booms of thunder. I felt old and was being led to "where I did not want to go." I was preparing to do what every molecule of my being did not want to do and my mind did not want to accept. I was going to bury my oldest son, Will. I knew the people there that loved him was going to number in the hundreds, despite the rain.
One couple I knew would be there; they knew exactly how I felt. I have known them since 1974 and they have become my best friends. They lost their son at the age of 18 in a tragic accident. Then I thought of that couple that had entered on Will's facebook, "Say hello to our son up there, Will." My heart broke for them when I read that. They know. Maybe they will be there...
Then God spoke. He reminded me of Matt. 27:45-54. I always thought of the darkness, the torn curtain, and the earthquake as a demonstration of God's power and maybe wrath at the undeserved death of His son. Now, I saw it in a different light. Maybe it was a demonstration of a grieving Father. HE would be there. And HE knew how I felt.
And so it was, God the Father, was there. HE was there in the music, in the prayers, and in words of love spoken in remembrance of Will. HE was there in the love that was freely given to my family as we faced this parting from our loved one.
It started way before the funeral. People showered us with gifts, support, and love from the moment Will entered the hospital. I cannot think of an adequate way to thank you all. Even as I write "THANK YOU" it seems so little. Any words I can think of cannot express the gratitude that I feel for all that you have done. Even more difficult is to say THANK YOU adequately for loving my son, Will.
Some day soon though, we will all be able to gather at the feet of Jesus and embrace one another again with Will in our midst.
I will only mention two names; when if I could name them all, I would name hundreds. A very special THANK YOU to Pastor Bobby and Debbie. You have listened to God and have reaped a multitude of wonderful, Godly people.
God bless everyone who loved my son.

Maleesa Redish

I wanted to say how amazing Will's service was. It was so great to have everyone (old and new) gathered together in one place. So many faces, now if I could just get the names straight. Will was loved by so many, it's overwhelming! As for the funeral director accepting Jesus at the grave sight,that's just like God isn't it? He's always turning something messy into a testimony for His glory. I have a feeling this is just the begining of what he has up his sleave during this season of restoration. God is good ALL the time, His mercy endures forever!

Greg and Tracy Bardin

I agree, Sunday was awesome. Gaylon and the band were on fire Sunday night. They were truly anointed. Pastor Craig threw down. I still have goosebumps from his messages. Gloves are off and we are putting on the whole armor of God. Time to get to work folks. Gonna be fun.


So, so true about musicians, and actors and dancers, something about the wired side of the brain, I guess. Will was certainly gracious to keep herding us and not kick us all out!


Musicians are like cats?!? What? Such a comment to make without explanation. :-)

It is unbelievably awesome that the funeral director got saved at Will's funeral. Very cool.

Jim Mather

Will continue to pray with all of you for grace and strength... it's a week to remember HE IS RISEN!

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