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March 30, 2009


corrina Campbell-Brothwell

I first met Will when I went to mu first worship team meeting at family. It was for Harvest I was such a young believer and yet Will worked with all of us to get Harvest up and ready every Sunday. We were meeting at the silver screen and it stunk like beer from the night before. But Will was there setting up and here tge rest of us were just rolling in but Will...well yall know he was ready to rock with God people;)
Buddy I will miss water gun fights, great times at s.p.a.m,wow that was so very long ago...20 years! Brother you brought worship to me in a way I to this day will never forget. I will see you soon.

Account Deleted

I have something I want to say about Will. I didnt know him, however, he wrote my most favorite worship song that always takes me to the feet of Jesus when I hear it. 'What Are The Words'. It's from Vineyard Music, well I know that Will is now in the Presence of God and is singing that song for Him. You are truly missed brother Will. It was a shock for me to be searching for his music online and find out that he passed. What a bright light for Jesus he shed for us all while he was here. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us and blessing us.

Charlie Jones

I am an old friend of Will's. I remember when he told me how excited He was to lead the worship at some church in Pensacola that was meeting in a theatre. He helped me orchestrate a song for my wife and he spent a week with me in south Florida just talking about computer music and helping me learn new programs. We ended the week with a Disney World trip. Will Pufall was as solid as they come. He is an inspiration to every worship leader in the world. I will cherish the words read and the memory of Will Pufall one year later because, you see, Will and I were friends and even though the miles and time had separated us, He inspired me. Thank you God for Will Pufall being in my life and thank you God for leading me to that studio in Pensacola many years ago.

DeEtte Hassen

I first met Will when I attended The Family of Believers in Pensacola. He was an awesome pianist. He was also taking classes at UWF while I was finishing my music degree. Will is unforgettable, his smile, his creative outsurges, the force, strength and power behind his playing, the anointing he walked in. I always thought that a good wife could have fattened him up! I was saddened to hear of his loss, but heaven is richer for it.
-DeEtte Hassen
Sasebo, Japan

Tony Roland

Will you made it before the rest of us, glad for you, sad for us, Will we will miss you See You later on the Sunny side Bro.
Tony Roland

Joshua Myers

I don't know if you remember me or not. This is Joshua Myers. I used to go to Family of Believers with you and will. I was in Brother Blain's Youth Group. I just found out about Will and am crushed. He is part of what inspired me to become a worship leader myself. His passion for the Lord and desire to lead others into the presence of God showed me what it takes to be a true worshipper of God. My prayers will be with you and Will's families. I love y'all, and miss you.

Brian Youngblood

Who Will Pufall was to me… Brian Youngblood


These are the first words that come to mind when I think of who Will was to me. Those words are the qualities he walked so effortlessly in and the qualities I most admired about him.

I met Will almost six years ago just a short time after I started attending Harvest and rededicated my life to Jesus. At that time I was really mixed up in a life style of personal struggles and addictions. My Struggles and addictions didn’t just disappear when I came back to Jesus. The addictions were something that I had to learn to walk out… About six months after I met Will I found myself getting evicted from the home I was renting as the owner decided to sell it. My roommate and I had three weeks to be out. I wasn’t sure what to do because I needed to find another place to live, and FAST…The person I was living with was not a Christian and he struggled with the same addictions as I. The whole situation just wasn’t good. The next Sunday at Church I shared with Will what I had was going through concerning my living situation. Will told me he has an in extra room in his home and offered that I be his roommate. I gladly accepted moved in the following week.

Will and I hardly knew each other when I moved in with him. the truth is Will had no Idea about the addictions and bondage I was still in. I was beginning to walk out my salvation and I imagine that I must have been very difficult to live with at that time.

As I struggled through my addictions I often failed. Will was always there supporting me He never condemned but always offered me Mercy.

When I didn’t have enough money to pay rent on time or when I made quick and rash decisions. Will was always there, waiting, listening and praying. Will thought me the value of Patience. Will always waited to hear from the Lord first. He truly lived a lifestyle of Patience.

Will did not do anything in life without putting his whole heart into it. I can honestly say that I never seen Will do anything half way. Will Sought Excellence in everything he did.

To say that Will was Dedicated to whatever he did would be understatement. He was one of the most Dedicated persons I ever knew. He never quit until it was right. I was recently told that he lead over twelve thousand worship services at Harvest. WOW…Will stuck through tough situations when most would have quit.

Will rarely gave me advice unless I asked. He always knew when to give it and appropriate words to speak. He often spoke with lots witty humor. I really can’t remember Will ever giving me bad advice. The Lord had truly blessed him with Wisdom.

I used to openly expose my thoughts and feeling to everyone and any one and it often got me into lots of trouble. Will was one of the most Private individuals I knew. He didn’t just let anyone in. He thought me the value of guarding my heart. He thought me the value in speaking less and listening more.

Anyone who knew Will knew that he was Genuine, he was the real deal and he never boosted about himself to prove it. We lived together for almost four years, and I think it goes without saying… You really get to know someone in that amount time. Will was a solid as a rock and he never had a bit of compromise within him.

Wills best qualities were the ones I lacked I lacked the most. Will truly sowed into me in the most powerful way…not just by words…
But by His Walk I learned to Walk!

There is no doubt in me that as Will sprinted to the finish line and joyously arrived home. And then he heard the Lord say those words… Well Done thy good and faithful servant…


I know that today you experienced the JOY of your salvation. Until we meet again... we love you Will Pufall.

Melissa Hulen

I will miss the witty, sarcastic humor. I agree with Eddie, he would first hate the pic but then laugh with the rest of us. I remember working with Will at Network Telephone, where, even on Mondays, which he hated, he could still make me laugh. He always talked about his dream of becoming, as he said, "a full time worship pastor." Little did he know, he was already full time. I remember the day he was able to give his resignation because he was going full time at Harvest, he was on cloud nine. He ministered to me so much during our days at Network Telephone and he is the reason I ended up at Harvest. He never gave up, it seemed he invited me everyday and everytime I gave an excuse for not showing up, never a word, just looked up and smiled and invited me again. He LOVED the ministry at Harvest. Second, one of my greatest joys is helping Will lead wroship. He made is so easy with unbelievable patients and always making sure everyone was comfortable with each song. His talent was amazing as well as the anointing on his life. I will miss you Will and can't wait to worship again with you one day.


Will was a true servant of our Lord. Every note he played, every word he sang was filled with the glory of God. Will was one of the most talented songwriters/musicians I have ever had the honor to work with. His music will live on in each of us and in those yet to hear the incredible music he blessed us with.
Will, the Christian music community misses you tremendously. Knowing you are playing/singing/writing in heaven gives us all something to look forward to....performing with you again, this time in heaven!
True servant of our Lord...Will Pufall.


We are with you guys in prayer Bobby. I am so sorry and will personally be lifting you and the leadership up these days. I am trusting the Lord will "work all for good". Love you man...Mark and Michelle

Casey and Lorena Mitchell

both kc and i were praying and hoping for the best, but most of all for God's will to be done. but now, we are simply speechless. both of us were away when this happened. kc was in branson, missouri and i was in tampa, florida. i had a bad feeling and checked my facebook only to find this sobering news. it all just doesn't seem real. and it's bittersweet. we will miss him so much, but on the other hand, we are both so glad that he will be able to just worship the Lord forever and ever. ah, how sweet that must be...

we can't wait to see him again. :)

kc and i have talked some about it and it has left us with questions about everything it seems. i just celebrated my birthday (30th) and from now on will be thinking of it differently. whereas before i just celebrated birth, from now on i will celebrate life and all aspects of it.


Heaven does look better all the time. That's been running through my head for a while now. Write that song for us, Eddie.



That was a laugh I needed. And ya know, it's really true about him. : )

Eddie Gray

Will would totally thrash you people for the internet mileage you've given to that picture of him with the little poochie! Actually, I'm sure he's laughing about it. Just after that pic was taken, he sure enjoyed eating that dog. :-)

You'll be missed, my friend. At least we know it's not really goodbye--it's more like, "smell ya later." Enjoy yourself, Sir William. Heaven's lookin' better all the time. Till we meet again...

Thomas Guidy

My first visit to Harvest Outreach was around the fall of 2005. For the first time and I heard Will Pufall along with the worship band. I was absolutely shocked at the level of zeal in the worship service. Harvest was the first church that I saw without hymn books and an organ. That Sunday night I actually felt "totally" comfortable during a worship! Thank you God for Will's life, and thank you for blessing him with musical talent. Will's music has ministered to many souls, including mine. What an awesome warrior for the body of Christ!

randy wojciechowski


Fred McKinnon

Bobby, and all ... I cannot begin to understand or even comment on our loss, specifically, the loss you are experiencing. I shake my head, asking, wondering. Our church is on Week 5 of a 6-week series on Job, and it's already got me shaking my head, asking.

I miss, even more, that we didn't have our fasting retreat this year, and that I missed last year for the first time in a dozen years. My last memory would be leading and worshiping with Will @ Harvest when I was there on that Sunday night. I will remember it often.

Thanks God for this gift of life, song, music, and worship. For a solid man. I wish Will could sneak me a preview of what he's hearing right now.

Angela Barrere

Know Joel and I wish we could be with you all. You are much loved. We will be holding down the fort at Harvest Norfolk and crying on Thursday with you. We love our Harvest family. It is more dear than ever.

Dave Bixler

A True servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Know that he is playing music before Him now. Debbie & I was blessed by his faith & music.

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