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March 16, 2009



This is not suprising.
Pick up a copy of "The Hope of the Wicked". You'll be suprised at how far back the records go that relate to this in U.S. history.

George O

If you really want some interesting reading, google Rex 84. Basically existing "detention" camps spread across the united states that are staffed and ready to "accept internees" in the case of wide scale civil unrest.


Ha..! Ha..! You guys are too funny! George O....reveal yourself....or...are you also a part of the Bilderberg group?? :)

JJ....but hey, you do have to admit it is flat out wierd that all these people are a part of this 'exclusive' group. I didnt know much about it until this article that was on the news. BIG h is on the money: Stay about the Father's business!


Joshua Encinias

LOL... good to see you made it back from the grave, Mr. Orwell.

Joshua Encinias

Later on the criticims section I saw this and it utterly confused me:

"...The best known was Phyllis Schlafly's A Choice, Not an Echo which suggested a conspiracy theory in which the Republican Party was secretly controlled by elitist intellectuals dominated by members of the Bilderberger group, whose policies would pave the way for global communist conquest."

Does this mean Schlafly is shifting the one-world domination theory to Republicans?

George O

Wow, never thought I would read about Bilderberg on here. Last week I saw 2 black helicopters with no tail number ID's about 300 feet off the ground headed toward NAS. Maybe all those NWO kooks were right. Who writes that stuff on Obama's ever present teleprompter anyway.

I should stop now before they trace my location.


This is a season for a serious harvest but also a season of great desperation. We have got to be aware and act as the spirit leads and not out of desperation. We have to be busy about our father's business because the enemy is getting on about his own.

BIG h.


I believe the new chair of the FDA (or whatever the new proposed organization will possibly be called) has ties to this organization as well.

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