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March 11, 2009


Thomas Guidy

LOL! Brian was having fun with my typo. He has once again inspired me to consider a keyboarding class! :)

Brian Hassett

I was referring to a post under me and I found it humorous... I dont think it has a meaning... just a mistake.

"Thanks for passing on that awesome email from Dawn."

You see, it is actually from fawn. I thogh it was funny. Sorry for the confussion. I know what dawn is...


Thank you Jesus! Continue to glorify your Name by giving Will such a quick & complete recovery that all are amazed at your love, power & faithfulness! We love you Will :)


Hey Hassett...it actually has meaning...

After night, comes a light
Dawn is here
Dawn is here
It's a new day, a new day
Oh, everything will change
Things will never be the same
We will never be the same...

Oh the glory of it all.

Brian Hassett

Im sorry but...

haha "Dawn."

Thomas Guidy

This is wonderful news. I expected to hear this. It's awesome when you "know" other folks are praying. The feeling of Godly presence as you are in sincere prayer is comforting, it just overtakes doubt... all of it. I do not personally know Will as an "everyday" friend, BUT he is a major part of Harvest. Around 2 or 3 years ago Harvest changed my life.

I understand Will is unable to write... I've seen 20" x 20" dry erase boards used when the hands are to shaky to write in smaller print, but I dunno "exactly" what the situation is.

Thanks for passing on that awesome email from Dawn. Indeed, Sorge's take on intercession is incredibly relevant here! Thanks!

Terri Barham

One of our intercessors had a powerful vision of what is happening with Will. She saw many saints praying, creating giant tornados in Will room and they were breaking loose the hands of the enemy off of Will. Prayer had a powerful purpose in defeating the strategies and plans of the enemy. We must pray! It is not optional but vital to our survival. It's amazing that an all powerful God limits Himself to work through our prayers. Terri B.

Jen Hubbell

Great word, Fawn. We are still loving all of you guys everyday!


Thank God for the healing so lovingly given to Will. The road ahead is long but Will has the strength, courage and faith to go the distance. Prayers remain abundant for our friend.

Now, let's imagine the songs he will write based on this experience!! WATCH OUT....it's going to be GREAT!!

Blessings to you, Will. ~~Libby~~

Jim Mather

Harvest church will be stronger and more like Christ because of the battle of love you are waging on Will's behalf

Bob Holmes

We've had numerous times over the last week and it's still going on, when God sovereignly stops me and Elizabeth to pray for Will. The power and urgency are unmistakable. When God speaks it is with a period, Oh, but What a Period.
That's a good word from Fawn. Let it soak in.
As Fred said, I will pray for Will. We will not back down. We will not relent, but we will press through.


What an awesome word of encouragement. My thanks to Fawn as well for passing that along. It does our hearts such good to hear such an excellent report on our friend Will.


The "multiplied anointing" is something I have continually felt will be a part of this experience for Will.

Thanks again for the updates, it gives us a specific direction to focus prayers.

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