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February 18, 2009



that was so not right...and soooo funny!
"New Kids!"

kristie barba

i am cryin....i am laughing so hard...we all need to laugh and obey....

Stephen Goulet

As an accountant AAHHHGM,"I have to give it up to my homeis(sp)"

Who said accountants can't dance.

Bobby, don't you ever ask me to do this. Ain't happenen holmes.


that's good. i totally can relate. I went through that right around the same time, but now I see God making a way out of NO way, bc i often times wonder where the "extra" money came from. Praise God that he honors His Word!


I sang this song the rest of the evening--until the fever took me down! I thought it was great!! James got tired of it real quick, though.

Deborah Bixler

Thanks for sharing--really makes you think--so true. I have tried God and He is always faithful. Just praying that my sister could/would find a churcdh and learn the discipline of tithing because I am sick and tired of hearing all the things that the devil has stolen from her and what has gone wrong at her house and with her grown adult child who acts childish, disrespects her parents and took God's name in vain this AM per her phone report! etc. etc. Finally at almost 21, she is moving out! The more I remind her to get into a church-their spiritual family, the more she gets upset with me so I have given up! We just pray for her family now. I would be lost without mine(my spiritual family-- church--the body of Christ!!! Thank you for being there!

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