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February 02, 2009



He is one of my favorite teachers!! ;-)


I too was serving with the kids and caught half of the message which was Truly eye opening. I had some great discipleship early in my walk and love the challenging message put forth that night. Will have to get that podcast to hear it in full.

I am bursting with excitement with the season Harvest is entering into. I feel we are on the fringe of a great great move of God and I'm strapped in and ready for the ride. Lets Do This!!!!

BIG h.


That makes me think about what we do for others for Jesus. Our works "should" flow as a result of Jesus's presence in our life. My works didn't really flow well at first, but it wasn't long before I would reach out without batting an eye. I have to tell you Harvest, God reaches back to us when we do the right thing. That true "knack" you have for something is a great place to start when doing things for God.


Sorry I missed it. But cant wait to hear the POD cast. Sounds like it was right on.


I liked what Glen said about being accountable to someone who would tell you when you were being stupid. Maybe that's not exactly what he said...something like that...I'll have to listen to the podcast.

Jim Mather

Glenn is a great teacher. So glad you had him share at your church.


Thanks for informing me about what I missed last night as I was teaching the 3 & 4 years olds that Jesus knows their name!!! and about the Lost Sheep story. We had 6 lovely enthusiastic children so wonderful to work with. We made crowns with their names on it!!!

Dennis Nelson

Last night was very good! I love solid insightful practical teaching. No pretentious religion … I love it. What a great way to kick-off a new teaching series and introduce us to a new teacher.

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