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February 25, 2009


The Soares Family (Christy, Bobby, Lexi, Mia and Tori)

Pastor, I think you picked a perfect name for the puppy, Mia. Tomorrow, when Mia wakes up, I will tell her that Pastor Bobby named his new puppy after her. LOL God bless you and we miss ya'll so much! At least, in addition to the wonderful Church we found up here, I can still be filled with my "fix" of Harvest.

Love to all,
The Soares Family in freezing Massachusetts


I can't tell you how much I agreed with your post. I think it's so easy to get into that mindset of " if you really love God etc..." forgetting that the H.S. gives us the power of self-control. It's by God's grace we have been saved! We cannot boast of our own goodness.
As for pups I hear ya. We have our own new pup who eats everything she can get into... including a lot of chapstick and the inside of a an antique hankie...grr.


I'm sure familiar with the sidelines PB. Much of it was brought upon myself though. As you know; once a person truly inclines his heart to belief, Jesus starts pruning the bad branches away. I say this, not many fellowships in this area are like Harvest. I must say that finding commonality and forging Godly friendships is TOUGH over here in Milton. I wanted to find a fellowship over here, but it "seems" to me that I stand a better chance at forging Godly friendships with you folks. In my new job I am helping Ed Gungor out with his internet networking as he is about to publish another book in August. I am going to fly out to Tulsa this weekend to meet him and his church. I believe I will see you folks March 8th. I have made my mind up.

As for your new puppy...

At least you weren't foolish enough to take on a Husky. Dameyune came over to live at my place at 9 months old in December of 2007. Most of the work was done as far a house breaking. A word of encouragement... usually after about 3 to 4 months old they really kinduv' want to "do their business" away from there living area. It will pass PB, your Mia will learn.

Have great weekend PB and Harvest!


Sheryl Braun

Great analogy. As for your pup, it's only for a season. It took our GSD a good 4 months to catch on, but now she's a WONDERFUL dog. It also helps to have a husband who is highly skilled in the most valuable profession to pet owners ;)

Kimmy Gross

I think it is a VERY valid point. I have only been saved for a little over a year. I went to church for a year before getting saved, and did not get plugged in untill 6 months after being saved. Not coming from a church background, I always loved God, but feared church. My insecurities magnified the pressure I recieved from believers.I was very afraid of not being "good enough" fast enough. I wanted to change but didn't know how. God had patience, answered my prayers, and lead me down the right path, and I am grateful. But becoming a christian, adopting a new life, and letting go of old ways, for me it was and still is a process not a light switch.

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