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February 11, 2009


Debbie Bixler

It is so true--our children's generation needs to be more thankful!Thanks for sharing the vdeo--I needed a laugh and the doctors all say we need at least 8 good belly laughs a day to stay in good health. Also in the Bible I read that "Laughter does good like a medicine!" I say that if we were all more cheerful & ate Bible foods(unprocessed with no additives and preservatives) we would have no need of medicines!

Jason Beck

Next thing you know people will be mad the teleporter is down for 15 minutes and they can't get from NY to London in 45 seconds. :) Very funny clip.

Stephen Goulet

Are you kidding me, I'm still laughing.

brian hassett

I'm guilty.


Im glad Im not old enough to remember those things


Wow! Pretty scary...I remember all of those things, too! I must be getting up there as well :(


That is a truly awesome video. I laughed out loud so many times!

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