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February 17, 2009


brian hassett

I cant believe you people did this to us...
my generation i mean. It kind of... makes me mad. Well, when is the buck going to stop. Who is going to fix this one? Thanks alot. : ) just kidding... but seriously!

Praying for your dad...
I really am.

David Bixler

Wow! more debt for our Grandkids & their Kids. This shows me what a mess that Our Government has got itself into by trusting man. Satan is at work and devouring everything he can grab. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15
Will be Praying for Your Dad PB


I watched that same show, House of Cards, and I found myself saying "wow..." much throughout it. The bottom line for every bit of that was GREED. It just amazed me how vast and deep it all ran. How many thousands of people got their pockets lined with so much during that time and how many 'turned blind eyes' they were. And we are now reaping the benefits of it all...


They might as well keep the money..Im not "complaining" but 600 wont help me out at all. I cant even by the tv I want with that..I need at least 150 more..lol


I think you summed this stuff up perfectly months ago when you pointed out that all these "bail out" (incurring of more national debt) attepmts are destined to fail because they are man's way, man's "wisom" - which is in direct opposition to God's way of financial management.

Continuing in prayer for your dad.

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