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January 20, 2009



Nice post... But... you're only 45?


PB, what a great post. I can share some of your memories to an extent, since I grew up ten years later in a more rural (very rural) area of Louisiana. There were only two children of different ethnic descent in the entire school. One left after the sixth grade, I believe.

Jim Mather

praying with you. Our new President needs wisdom... like never before


I have been telling my kids they can do anything all their lives just as my mother told me. Today marks an occasion in history that shows them that in this nation, and the world, they can and not shrug their shoulders and say "ok dad." Huge day but as always we must continue to pray.

BIG h.

Michael Caldwell

Great stuff Pastor Bobby! You reflect my sentiment concerning Barack Obama very well- this truly is history in the making. The illustration really cracked me up too!

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