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January 27, 2009


Debbie B.

Thanks for sharing--it really makes one think about how we portray the gospel!!!


This is an awesome video and so true. My only question, concern is can we become too seeker friendly? And sometimes chain up the Holy Spirit? Not allowing Him to move as freely as He would like to.


Hey Cogit8tor,

Totally understand. We work hard to make things understandable, but much like a translator, some things slip by.

I personally try to break down concepts and terminology and work with our speakers to do likewise. We do the same for the songs. Please help us by emailing me or any of the pastors, inc Pastor Will with worship, on anything that bewilders or is confusing. Congrats on giving your life to Christ recently btw......we are here to serve you in Christ my friend! PB

PS What are some things that have been recently confusing??


...and I thought it was just me but there are some days I really don't understand some of the things said/done at church and sometimes the lyrics of the songs leave me bewildered.

mike & gin

Javalujah! too funny !


Loved it!

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