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January 29, 2009



I am so glad that services are progressing in this manor, may I also suggest having it on another night as Tuesday night is youth night. I know there are some youth, college/career age students and youth workers that will be torn between which service to attend. Many blessings!

Debbie B.

The weekly communion will be great to look forward to as many folks at Brownsville during the revival there would receive their healing during the taking of the bread and prayer over the bread. So let us have a cup to drink from and the bread separately. (There are tiny plastic cups we can use.) Rather than the dipping of bread into the grape juice--just a suggestion!

Brad and Brittany Bowman

Brad and I have been praying for Harvest to "progress" to this point of a midweek service. We think it is an amazing idea, and we know that God is going to do great things through it!


Hey Bill,

No problem old friend. To be honest, I had just had a conversation with someone who does not serve, does not give, but has a complaining spirit, that did not set well with me in the least. You are a true servant, but your comment coming on top of the other conversation just made me go, "Let me redraw the line in the sand, again..."

Grace and blessing,


Hey Bobby looking at the comments in this post it seems as you may have taken offense at my last post? This was not meant as a knock against any one person or orginization. It was merely meant as a harmless question. I apologize if it did not come across that way. Sounds like you guys are fixing to enter into a new and exciting chapter at harvest. I hope and trust that God will truely bless it and you guys

Vernester Harris aka fruit girl

that's awesome pb, but i wouldnt be able to attend bc i have class at uwf until 8:15 and since it is through navy federal we dont get a spring break..but for any reason we get out early or if class is cancelled i'd love to partake or if it could be on another day..hint hint =)
I totally agree with you,it's time to stop playing Christian and being one and step up to the plate. I'm ready to start batting and working!


This is great, Bobby!! Wish the "deeper" service wasn't on Tuesdays ;(, that is our IGM class. But it sure sounds like something Glenn and I have a passion about! See you tonight for dinner at our house. ;)

Jim Mather

it's time Bobby for just what your wrote today. May God give you the courage to lead your people into all that God has: No Compromise

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