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January 15, 2009



Thanks for everyone's input. Reading these posts does cause me to think (then again, that is what I do) and is helping me to gain some perspective on living life and dealing with some issues that continue to haunt me. At one time, my background crossed over into fundamentalism and as I had to rethink some things enabling me to accept Christ I am finding it necessary to rethink how to live life in general. That is why I posited the thoughts and questions. I apologize for not making myself clearer but I have to admit, the bit of "debate" was fun. Anyways, I look forward to continued discussions.

A.M....third row in front of the drummer...


Pastor Greg, that's a good litmus test. If we have to justify what we're doing, we're usually wrong. I'll be sure to keep that in mind.

Cogit8r: morning or night?? We can narrow this down pretty quickly, right? I love a good guessing game!


Wow, who stirred this pot? haha. Cogit8tor, sounds like a reasonable question. Bottom line... your relationship with God. Yours. My personal belief is that anything... anything... that comes between me and my Father is gone. period. Anything that becomes more important in my life than that relationship has to be dealt with. Only you know what God is telling your heart. I have found that when I have to justify what I am doing, I am usually wrong. Just be open and honest with your Father and He will direct your paths. I am blessed to see that you are questioning yourself and your desires. that is cool! Keep the faith Brother. And to everone that responded, keep that fire going. It warms the heart. Later, Greg


Hey guys.....time to CHIIILLLLL!!!! Things can get sharp way to quick in the blogosphere.

Cogit8tor, if you reread my last comment, I was not assuming you were out to create controversy. I said that over the past year, I have found that those who post anonymously often stir the pot, and I made a decision to have us all be up front in our identity, as it is easy to hide behind a psuedonym. I asked for your name and church. I am glad you attend Harvest and hope you are being challenged in your faith. But you still did not answer the first request! :)

God knows the heart. He knows the truth, if we really have surrendered to Him in reality. As I will talk about next Sunday, there will always be good fruit, fruit of obedience, being born in our lives when we really live surrendered lives. I know this doesnt answer all of your questions, but hopefully it helps.



First, let me state that I have not heard of "once saved always saved".

Second, I never said, "a 'Christian' can live however they want and feel completely safe".

Third, why do you assume that my objective is to create controversy?

I stated what I thought was an objective observation. Let me rephrase: am I to understand that because of the "seed of God" in me, if I choose to participate in past habits or indulgences I should be, for lack of a better term, ill-at-ease. And, if I choose to partake of such activities and I lack this contention within, then it's likely that the "seed of God" was never planted within me.

BTW, I attend Harvest and sit on the front row.


cog if we study titus 3 we learn that Gods grace teaches us to say no to ungodliness. So if we are saved by grace which we are than that same grace teaches us to say no to things other than what God has called us to. If we can walk in sin without feeling convicted I would truely be afraid for my soul.


The passage speaks of "those who indulge." If you choose to continue then you lack the conviction to stop. Dangerous to play around like that. God's grace is there if you see it for what it is, confess, and turn away from it. If you continue without qualm whom do you serve? By no means am I trying to judge but test what you do by the WORD if you believe in it you will follow suit.


Sounds like Cogit8or hopes the once saved always saved doctrine will hold up on J-day. That's very risky in my estimation. I just did a lengthy study on that and came up with about 10 passages including the one you posted. It is fearful thing thing to fall into the hands of the LIVING GOD. We fall upon THE ROCK so THE ROCK does not fall on us.
I would be happy to post those passages if there is intrest. Jody



So, using your logic, a 'Christian' can live however they want and feel completely safe? It seems you know the answer you are fishing for. Tell us what you believe, but first......

Please state your name, as well as what church you attend. I stopped allowing comments last year from those who are only out trolling, looking for controversy. Not that you are doing that, but I have found that the truly sincere are completely fine about giving the above information. Thanks. PB


So, if I slip up and exercise a past lifestyle or habit I should be ill-at-ease because of the "seed of God" in me.

If I choose to continue to participate in some of these activities then either: (1) I never had the "seed of God" or (2) the "seed of God" was taken from me [but number two seems antithetical to scripture].


The important thing to remember is that, yes, we all sin. We blow it. Sometimes 'big time'. And thank God, in Christ, we are forgiven. The true Christian HATES every moment they are trapped in sin. They are torn, and as I John says, "the seed of God remains in them and they cannot go on (long term) sinning." The key word is "indulging", loving sin. If a person has no qualms and dives head-long into the sins Paul lists, I think the Scripture is clear: They will not inherit the Kingdom of God, which is also referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven.

Yes, the Kingdom of God also is referring to God's rule on earth. But the word 'inherit' is never used to describe that aspect. It is always used to describe our FUTURE inheritance (I Pe 1:4, Eph 1, Eph 5).

Good thinking guys!



I am a believer who has practiced some of the things listed here and I understand that I am forgiven in Christ, therefore I shall inherit heaven. Thus, my question is what exactly is the "Kingdom of God"?

carol wojciechowski



This has really been resounding in my spirit as well. I love the comfort of hearing it from several areas--that way I know it's from God--and not just made up in my head! God is good to draw us out quickly, if we humble ourselves to correction.

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