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December 09, 2008



That would definitely be for real, Jody....! I thought it was a joke at first as well. Funny how many people have asked me if these guys really were playing this weekend...! :)

Should we invite them??




That makes me want to watch Lawrence Welk and wear a liesure suit with puffy sleeves. Was that for real?? Jody

Stephen Robertson

Funny, my first thought was Devo

Rachel Thurmond

I'll be singing this in my sleep while dreaming of Jesus riding a horse wearing a mounty's uniform....fabulous....or should I say "Zap!"

Lara Moore

Ok, that was just wrong on so many levels!


Bad . . . very bad. . .very VERY bad.


Emma (my 2 yr old) likes it. :-)
I love that there is a grand piano in the middle of them, and she is playing that dinky little keyboard...on a tabletop? Now I need to listen to something else to get that out of my head...


Do we know any of these people?


greaaaaaaat..... can't wait.... lol That was funny PB


I agree with josh Encinias. I thought of the supertones before i even started the video and when i read the comments i was suprised to see someone write a comment agreeing with me


Ok I spit my cereal out laughing :) Thx PB what a riot.

Josh Encinias

Presenting... The ORIGINAL OC Supertones, folks!


What was that?????

Lee Dannelly

This is awesome, we will be there.

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