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December 02, 2008


Freddie Thronson

Remember, End time prophecy as it relates to the Christian is a time of blessing. Revelation states "blessed" happy to be envied, joyful is the person who reads the words of this prophecy. Our community group in Jan will begin a study on End Time Prophecy and how it relates to the believer. I invite anyone who wants to learn more about what's ahead for the believer.


You know... if most people would just interpret the text first the way basic bible college students are taught, its amazing how different the book of Revelation would read
1. Discern who the text was written to...
2. Determine what the text might mean to THEM
3. Then... look for the timeless principle.


When my youth ministry students would ask me what I thought about this or that in Revelation, my answer was usually, "I'm not sure, but the bottom line? In the end, we win!"


"You dont have to understand everything. You just have to "abide in Christ", enjoy your fellowship with the Holy Spirit, seek to live up to what you DO know."

Man! There is such freedom in that statement. Thanks for putting it out there.

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