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December 18, 2008


Lara Moore

Please know that the Moore sisters from B'ham are standing with & praying for you all! Our Lord is faithful to sustain us through trials and questions against our faith. Congratulations on the wedding & we both wish we could have been there.


Thanks for the prayer guys....I will post soon as I get some time to process.

JR, grace to you my brother. Your questions are all legitimate and most of the people in the Bible (Psalms) felt likewise in seasons of 'fire and trial'. As to the Christmas season, the rain isnt selective about when it comes. You just deal with it when it comes and know that though THIS Christmas may be one that pretty much just goes by and is marked by trial, there WILL be Christmas's in the future marked by joy once again.

Grace to you, again...and your family...pb


your comments rings true.. We currently also are going through serious health crisis in our family and I need to know that God is in control. Although I don't doubt that fact, sometimes you just feel like God needs to show me in some tangible way that he's aware and understands. How does one rejoice in the spirit of the Christmas season while going through such a crisis. Im asking for prayers for my sister in law. Thanks


Anticipating the Testimony of God's Redeeming Love at the end of this Test. All things work together for Good.....to them that Love God. Standing with you 110% PB and lifting it all up to Heaven.
Love Grace Strength Peace coming your way!!!


God is faithful... And He doesn't walk away in the tough times... Praying for all you guys.

Jim Mather

he is faithful to hear and answer prayer and walk with us through every stormy gale


Feels like a huge rain of stress from where we are too. I think I need to prayersupersonic jet!!

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