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December 28, 2008


Doug Gehman

Penn's comments illustrate how everyone resonates with spirituality (the "God qualities" in life), and can recognize authentic love and genuine spirituality in others. Penn couldn't quite figure it out, but he certainly knew it was real. Who knows what God is doing inside of his heart right now!

Jim Mather

Very good points already shared. God will use what this guy shared... read my facebook note entitled, "Bumped by God" for a testimony of how I witnessed this week on an air flight and how it impacted "John".
Jim Mather

Chris Dufrene

so awesome and convicting......btw Penn is married with two children, one is actually named Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette.....not sure of Teller's story.

Terri Barham

What a blessing, someone out there getting it right. Being a witness without the flakiness. The interesting thing is that many will pray now for the spirit to draw that man to the Father. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets saved soon. He was touched by the Holy Spirit in that man. Only God is good and what he witnessed was the goodness of God which leads men ubto repentance. Way cool.

Bob Holmes

I shared this at work! Thanks! Everyone is dying and we've got the cure.

Greg Bardin

He said that he knows there is no God, but did you see the look on his face? I wasn't convinced. God is working there. That was cool.

Lonnie Ferguson

Thanks PB, sometimes we just don't see that the seed was sown.


Man that was convicting. Its really interesting to hear an atheist describe his opinion of people who dont try to share thier faith. I think it says something to the notion of just living a good and quiet life isnt enough. We have to share our faith with both works and word. What a seed this guy had deposited in him simpily by an act of obiedieance of one man.

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