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November 13, 2008



WOW! Steve you are quite the little preacher! A man of many talents. Thanks for all you do and you are truly appreciated.

Brian Hassett

Sorry I dont appreciate you enough...

heather harrington

Wow, such profound words of wisdom. I agree you can preach it brother.


Alright Steve, good job on being the famous one here. You may be comfortable in the background at church, but you're Mr. Popular on here. : )


Wow, keep peoples expectations low and they are rather easy to impress.

And that's enough with the preaching crazy talk.


Wow, keep peoples expectations low and they are rather easy to impress.

And that's enough with the preaching crazy talk.


Steve, Since Scott is quite possibly tied for the last leaving the building...Him & PB tie... both chit chatters I tell you, you could just throw him the key, it may lighten your load. :)


Well today has been challenging and my brain is having some difficulty catching up with my fingers, as evidenced by the gross misspelling in my initial post. What it really should have said is; Great job honey! That was meant for everyone right?


Alright...alright...SO FAR.....Steve, you have the lead. Your post will be 'immortalised' on the great 'sidebar' wall of this blog as MOST commented on! :)

I have to admit, Jody is right: You have "the preach" in there! :) Good job Steve. Harvest is blessed to have you and I love the journey with you and your family..PB


That was foe very one right? GREAT job honey !

Jody Barham

I do believe I detect a little bit of "PREACH" on the brother. I say, "have at it the first chance you get". You have something to say worth hearing. You are an unsung hero and pillar at Harvest as well as the Body of Christ. I appreciate you for who you are and all you do. Blessings, Jody


rackin' one up for Steve!

mike & gin

With all the frettin'and worrying you were doing while getting your hair cut on Wednesday, about writing this blog entry, you did an awesome job. Are all those job
titles in your job description? Thanks
Steve for all you do !!!


WOW. i didn't know you had all that in you.
great blog.



Great entry Steve! Maybe too good. I hope the winner doesn't get another job to add to the out of "balance" waituntileveryoneleaves...soIcanlockup guy's job description. Thanks for all you do!

Scott Ongalo

My hats off to the last guy to leave the church and lock up, that guy is worth his weight in gold, go Steve!


Your a awesome guy steve. Thanks for all you do at Harvest, your reward will be great. Great post, must have been holding all this in for quite some time. Good to let it out.


Let me just say this about our dear friend Steve. Not only are all of us convicted by his blog entry, but he is awesome to be on staff with. . .And the guy can pray!! Don't let him fool you . . . quiet ones like him tend to be the real spiritual ones.
Hey, what does everyone think about Steve sharing a message on a Sunday morning?!. . :-)


great blog!


that was from brittany

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