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November 13, 2008


jennifer kearsey

I am fairly new at harvest, It's amazing to see all of you work so hard.god bless you. I love this church.
sincerely, jennifer kearsey

Beau Brown

Steve I read these blogs on occasion. Usually when my Mom tells me to. Things like that never change. But here is the point....there has never been one that has made me think as much as this one. Thank you for putting it into words that could be understood without having to think too hard. Thanks and have a blessed day.

Bob Holmes

Thanks Steve! And You quietly work behind the scenes. Thanks Again!

Lonnie Ferguson

I have a new respect for the "gotoitforeverythingyouneedguy" (I knew I should'a right clicked to copy your title.) I appreciate the hard work and technical expertiese you display each week and now I find you so eloguently divide the Word of Truth.( with humour too, I actually laughed out loud once....) WOW... Keep it up....

Eddie Gray

By the way, I think I just won the "Longest Comment on Steve's Blog" Award. Just sayin'.

Eddie Gray

Huh...I didn't know you could write words! That's pretty cool. You know, not many people even know you can talk. And I occasionally have someone who has been at Harvest for years tell me in astonishment that they didn't know you and my wife Shelley are brother and sister, nor that you are my brother-in-law. (Chris Farley Quote: "Brothers don't shake hands...brothers gotta HUG!!!")

In all seriousness, I've known you for more than probably anyone at Harvest except for Shelley, and I had no idea you could write such illuminating words. Interesting...I kind of feel like that guy in the John Cusack movie "Better Off Dead" who just found out the French foreign exchange student staying across the street actually can speak English, and therefore could understand everything he's been saying.

Balance is very important, Steve-o. And I have found Harvest to be a great home for those who are seeking that balanced life. In essence, Harvest is a balanced church. For every straight-laced accountant-type, we have a guy like Uncle Clyde that randomly shows up for family events, who collects Ironing boards, Pac-Man memorabilia, and participates in the annual mullet-tossing competition--and practices for it all year long. It takes all kinds, right? Anyway, your blog was well-put, on several levels. I can just hear Pastor Bobby now..."yeah, but let's see him write stuff like that every day!" :-)

But honestly, the praise in these pages are well-earned. Kudos to you, brother. I LOVE YOU!!! (In a brotherly way, not in a proposed-constitutional-amendment-controversy-kind-of-way).

Okay, I'll stop. And in true Eddie Gray fashion, just one step after I should have. :-)

But perhaps nerds like me are just part of the Cosmic Balance. Eh? EH???

Dennis Nelson

Good job. Truly, still waters run deep.

Sheryl Braun

Steve, you picked a great topic, and it was very humorously put. Now we need to have a talk about procrastination and Disney pictures.......


Ha! I just realized that the comments on this post now take up TWO pages!! That's crazy...


You've gone and done it now, little brother. Your job description is going to keep on growing. Now about installing that car stereo...


Between you and Sherry, you have four comments on here-that's sounds like a conspiracy to get your comment number higher. Of course, maybe my comment about your post padding is post padding.

Jack O'Brien

I am impressed by your penetrating insight and psychological approach. Obviously, the next step for you is behind the pulpit on Sunday night - where you can be free to wax eloquent.


If we spread the word, maybe everyone at Harvest and affiliated places will comment on your post, Steve. Then, you would be crowned "blogger for life."

Rachel Thurmond

So this should be comment number 30! Great job Steve. You had John and I laughing. Glad to know Pastor Bobby has all the answeres to all the deep questions...whew..


Steve, thanks for making us all sound like better musicians than we really are. And thank you for the challenge.

Keep it LOUD!


nice one steve. i think that it is only fair that i try to help you out on here since you help me out with so much more. thanks for all you do at Harvest.


Way to go steve!! Very well done. I vote for steve in the staff competition!! and i definitely think he should preach sunday.

Cheryl Nelson

Steve,what a great blog. You truly can
communicate! I did not realize you were
"The man of the hour". I vote for you to
have a turn in the pulpit.


Greg (PG)

Great job Steve. Thanks for sharing and doing all you do with excellence.

Jim Mather

might as well take the next Sunday service and preach... great message!

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