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November 05, 2008


Jim Mather

My hope is built on nothing less than JESUS blood and righteousness... I dare not trust on anyone or anything than him...


good word dad!

Deborah Bixler

You are so right on!!! I began praying for him this morning before I ever got out of bed! and will continue to do so. Protection for his dear family also and that He will run our country with God's wisdom. It will be wonderful to get our military home! My friend's son is in the military and so many have gone, served, and come back not whole physically or mentally. We should pray continually for them and their families specifically.


Yep, I started praying for him this morning, God is Good, God is in Control!

Greg Bardin

I agree with you PB. This is God's will. He has a perfect plan. I'm curious to see what that plan is. It is time for His church to stand up and glorify Him. Whatever comes, comes. Bring it!


It will be an interesting year coming up. A new start? Maybe, some good will come from Obama? Who knows. We are all affected by the leadership in the US somehow.

Lori MCGhee

Great word! I printed it out and shared it with several of the teachers who in turn shared it with their grumbling students!! Just what we needed to hear!

Lonnie Ferguson

Good word Pastor, if we believe that God has a plan and is in control, then what you said was truely our " marching orders ".

Rachel Thurmond

Very well written Pastor Bobby.


It's a hard pill to swallow, but your right.


I'm going to have to cut and past your blog, PB. I hope we are all able to be at peace.

heather harrington

I agree you have again shined through with the love and grace of our Lord and Savior.

Jim Mather

amen to that... good to hear some balance to our approach to prayer and support of leaders

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