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November 26, 2008


Yvonne Kass

I was searching for jenn online and came across this tragic story about her baby! I have lost touch with her family since they moved and we were friends in Pace, Fl when they lived here. Please let them know I am thinking of them and would love to hear from her. Jenn and Rick I am sorry for your loss.
Yvonne Kass

Rick Hubbell

Hey Everybody! The support we have received from the Harvest Community has been fantastic. Thank you! And, thanks to so many folks passing the story around the world; it has traveled to 23 countries in the last couple of weeks and been downloaded nearly 1300 times.Does not replace the preciousness of what was lost, to us, but releases what will ultimately be greater in the kingdom. Therefore we must rejoice.

We do not wish anyone to experience trials such as this, but since we find ourselves here, the Lord continues to breath life on the story and turn the situation for good... We have a special prayer the Lord gave us for people who have made comments to inmemoryofnathan@ti-mc.com. Most recently, we received this after someone received this blessing.

"I believe that Nathan and you (...we know this is the ministry of the Holy Spirit) have just defeated a witchcraft assignment that was launched against me over 15 years ago. Thank you for asking Jesus to untie the knot for me. I weep with such a mixture of emotion, awe, relief, deep death-to-resurrection grief...and thanksgiving. May his seed bring such a harvest of blessing you could never imagine or think! In Jesus'

Blessings to you all and thanks for continuing to stand with us and pray Nathan's Prayer.
In Christ,
Rick & Jen

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