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November 03, 2008



Loved Monday night! Not just David but the whole place seemed annointed. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as soon as I hit the front door last night! Amazing! Good stuff Bobby! It was powerful.

Josh Encinias

My dad came Sunday night. We cast off the burden of our past - what I'd done to him and what he'd done to me - through prayer with my overseers, the Ongalos. Tension between us, like a long standing brick wall, began to crumble that night. Last night I forgave someone in my family of a $3,000 debt that I was holding over them in like an 'invisible cloud.' Invisible because both of us felt the storm brewing without an idea from where it was coming.

Personal Highlights:

John 21:18-23 (Josh's abbreviation)

"What about him?"
"What is that to you? You follow me."
Each shall give their own account to God.

Overcome evil with good. Commit to the one who judges righteously.

Enduring - walking it out God's way; the Devil will offer an easy way out, a quick fix. But it doesn't work to blame the Devil, because greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world.

We can chose to forgive - and our emotions may take time to catch up.

Brian Hassett

Pastor Bobby,
David Huskey's teaching was so annointed. To listen to his understanding of scripture was amazing! In listenning you know only by the Holy Spirt is this man so annointed. It was such a blessing to interact with such a great teacher!

-Brian Hassett

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