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November 18, 2008


Lonnie Ferguson

"Ask and you shall recieve is a tennant of the faith".... (I hope that was good phrasing from my hillbilly vernacular...)and I also hope to get some pay from Steve on Sunday morning ( lol, like he has time to do my job) but you both do a good job at what you do......


There was an article in the PNJ on gun sales being on the rise. I thought that was interesting...


i feel you on the hard work of pastoring. one thing that never failed to amaze me was the number times i had my heart handed to me on a platter - how many times (sometimes years later) the folks who did the handing turned things around and ended up being incredible blessings.

in the end, all you can do is pray and hope and keep putting your heart out there (sometimes it's the degree to which we put it out there that has to be tended to...)

Jim Mather

Glad to hear about the visitor from Morrocco! That is great.

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